Plan your Europe trip with our ultimate trip planner and guide. Get inspired, find the right Eurail Pass, and have the time of your life!. Start planning your Interrail adventure today! You can see the average train travel times between all major cities on the rail map of Europe below. Wherever you. map. Our exclusive Trip Planner brings Europe to your fingertips, allowing you to customize your dream vacation. We provide you destination possibilities based.

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You can buy Thalys passholder tickets online at b-europe. However, there’s always the risk that you’ll meet a jobsworth, so play safe and fill it in while nap waiting for the train or as soon as you get on. InterRail passes are not valid on privately-run Flixtrainor on the Kulturzug regional train Berlin-Wroclaw.

Use our interactive railway map to check out the main connections. Europe uerorail train introduction How to buy European train tickets Click on the icons to see destinations and on the routes to see travel times.

STA Travel | Eurail Map

The file size is 8 MB so we recommend downloading the map using WiFi. The pass must cover France, or Spain, or both.

It’s a beginner’s mistake, but even if you have a fixed itinerary, don’t pre-date all your boxes for the dates you think you’ll need them at the beginning of your tour. InterRail passes give free travel on these private eurlrail You just hop on any train, find an empty seat mqp show your pass when asked. Child – for those aged under Continuous passes give unlimited travel every day for a continuous period of so many days: Ljubljana to Innsbruck or Munich by EuroCity: No fee to pay, seat reservation optional.


Passholder places controlled by quota, see the advice here. Simply use the alternative Belgian InterCity trains for free instead! Railway map with travel times. In other cases trying to dodge the fast train reservation fee is more trouble than it’s worth, as it means taking a relay-race of local trains, eurirail hours longer and involving several changes of train. Obviously with continuous passes this isn’t an issue, the rule just applies to Flexi type Eurail passes.

You can find out more about Eurail passes at www. They run the official Eurail website www. Kap you live in Australia, buy a Eurail pass from www.

How to use a Eurail pass

Select the country where you plan to travel, or where your journey starts To Italy by daytime trains: You can check Polish sleeper and couchette supplements online at www. Train travel is part of our European way eurrail life, the way we Europeans travel, and the train rides are an experience in itself – in some cases they’ll be a highlight of your trip. Where are you going? Add to euroraik list Remove from wish list.

The Man in Seat Email Address is invalid! You print your own reservation. For trains to, from or within Germany Consider buying a normal advance-purchase ticket instead. Train travel in Britain A Eurail single-country pass now exists for each participating eurorial including from France.


Remember ma; with an Eurail or InterRail flexi type pass, an overnight train only requires use of one pass day, see the explanation here. There is space under cover on deck to use a sleeping-bag if you have one, and many backpackers do this.

You’re allowed to use any regular scheduled train run by the operators covered by your pass, whether it’s in that booklet or not! It’s risky to generalise, but I’ll have a go, for those without the patience to do the maths as explained in the next section Try the ACP Rail site www.

Now click Buy your international seat reservation and run the relevant enquiry.

When the results appear and you click on surorail fare, you must select the price shown as refundable as this is the passholder reservation – this is obvious if you look at the prices, the far more expensive non-rebookable and rebookable fares are for whole tickets eurorwil just passholder reservations! You can check Swiss point-to-point fares at www.

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