Discover ideas about Food Plan. The history of Overeaters Anonymous and its food plans, specifically the grey sheet, which spawned Greysheeters Anonymous . Appendix B: Text of the “Grey Sheet” of Overeaters Anonymous Food Plan. PAGE ONE OF OA PAMPHLET. PLAN “A” — LOW-CARBOHYDRATE. (Suggested for. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Greysheet Food Plan is used as a personal plan of recovery by many members in Overeaters Anonymous.

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That way real hunger goes away and all that is left are bad habits.

When eating out, if cooked vegetable in not available have a 4th raw vegetable. I mostly fear the physical, emotional and spiritual damage they do to newcomers to 12 Step recovery. I went gung ho exercising and counting fat grams. I am doing greysheet food plan but am confused about avocado? Thank you so much for your post. It was a roller coaster with lots of eating large amounts, ordering out, using my greysheft credit card to buy food. I tried fasting, Slimfast, and cutting down, and eating these things called aids.


Four ounces of beef or fish, 2 ounces of cheese or 8 ounces of milk also count as one protein serving. Its restriction on grains is in opposition to the U. In a dinner theatre comedy an obese young man and I were directed to get stuck in a doorway. The idea that a fkod food addict would attempt to dictate to another adherance to a particular food plan is just plain NUTS! It is informative, can you help me in finding out more detail on diet plan ,iam interested and would like to know more about this field and wanted to understand the basics of healthy food.

How do I get a sponsor. If you need help losing weight please do anything but greysheet.

I did it for a while then moved to FAA. That’s six franks a day.

cambridge grey sheet | confessions of a compulsive overeater

I handled it good naturedly, but inside I was dying. Before you choose any plan, see your doctor. My initial response was that GS was too rigid and agreed with a friend that GSrs were the fooc Nazis. Kidney – 4 oz.

I kept asking for a food plan, but no one would give me one. I looked up to the GS community but thought the food plan was beyond my ability to grasp. Lobster – 4 oz.

  SAE AS25036 PDF

Hello, The last line of page two of the Grey Sheet states: Successful members continue to write their food down even after the weight loss. Follow all of his suggestions concerning this plan. Heart – 4 oz.

THE DANCE TREATMENT: diet plan grey sheet

At age seventeen I was wearing a girdle and desperately trying to suck in my shame. I felt some weird superiority that I had a secret no one knew about. This was so different from my moralistic approach to food. Can you advise, as I plqn see it above – if any fats are allowed. Chicken – 2 pieces Clams – 4 oz. I was holding on for dear life, white knuckling and terrorized by the food.

No Carbs After Lunch Diet. These nut jobs are not above shaming, shunning and degrading anyone who would dare to disagree with them. Abstinence is the greyshert important thing. My sponsor and I both do Grey Sheet as written. A food addict will fail without a sponsor.

My weight became a sight gag in plays.