Star Ocean: The Second Story Shrine – Your source for info on this PlayStation classic. A big thanks to Ian Kelley for strategies and tips for this walkthrough. 4 Feb Star Ocean: The Second Story – Walkthrough/FAQ. Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQ Sony PlayStation North American Version Version Star Ocean: The Second Story. |. PS Game Walkthroughs & FAQs Walkthroughs, in-depth FAQs, and other helpful contributions from the community . Submit a.

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Now head back to Armlock. Most people here are talking about the tournament. All is finished and now go back to Lacour Castle. When you try to leave Armlock, a messenger from Narl come in and tell you to come to L’Aqua as soon as possible. Where exit switch located. Lv 38 Masters at: Rena, Celine, Leon, and Noel. Do nothing -Don’t do anything at all. Check each character’s parameters, hit points, magic points, level, total experience, experience to next level, equippment, and portrait.

The ability of having quick fingers.

All Walkthroughs and Game Help

The shockwaves turn gold and do a lot more Damage to the target. The third option down is Super Specialty.

Forgot your username or password? After some conversation, Noel decided to help you to catch a wild Synard.

Try to equip as many Bunny Shoes in your party as possible. Level 56 Final Change: Increases learner’s Guts level by Specialty Level x 3. This city is pretty big, but before you enter the town, push that square button and do a private action here.


Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQs/Walkthroughs – Neoseeker

Ashton appears in three images around the enemy, and all three of The Ashtons create a force around the enemy, and then the force Expldes and does high damage, and freezes the enemy in place. Firebird Shock Wave Get: They are programmed to use the most effective Killer Move they have, but often the other Killer Move that they have assigned is much better. Save and heal, now head east to face the boss.

Opera has the best projectile Killer Move in the game. Also, I find that stealing from everyone in Raqua gives some really good items like the Infinity Ring.

Also, bring Rena here is absolutely neccessary. You will see someone spying on you. To make the bad affects of the Atlas Ring go away, all you have to do is equip a Paras Atene on the character that has the Atlas Ring. An entire squadron of mechanized troops that entered the laboratory was completely annihilated.

Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation – GameFAQs

In the first screen, Noel will talk something. Once you enter Fienal, the sages have been waiting you.

Full Moon Slash MP: Lantis, it was discovered that by applying technologies derived from Heraldry science to make modifications to the DNA of people, it is possible to create bioweapons that have Heraldry powers much more powerful than normal. Kill at least one group of Yeti, if you dont, you will stuck in this dungeon forever, be sure to save outside and use a backup file.


Level 22 Final Change: Claude will do four slices instead of two.

Some of her later multi-hitting Killer Move is incredibly effective, and the only bad side to her is that she has to be certain distances away from the enemy for all of her Killer Move, even close range ones. Kaado allows you to either save or load a game.

Star Ocean: The Second Story – Walkthrough/FAQ

Precis is the character with the second most useful projectile and long-range Killer Move, second to only Opera. Starts with it Phane The most damaging wind spell. When you reach the end, someone in your party will be hostaged by Lover and she attack you. One of Keith assistant will come out and tell you to go inside.

Bowman has several Killer Move that really aren’t very useful, though, so you won’t really use some of his Killer Move in effective combinations.

Level 60 No Proficiency Neutral Cancels all effect spells that have been cast on a target.

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