1 Jan Abstract. Energy management programs are vital to the economic life of any industry and heat recovery boilers play a dominant role in those. Waste heat boiler deskbook. Front Cover. V. Ganapathy. Fairmont Press, Jan 1, – Technology & Engineering – pages. Covers the design and application of waste heat boilers for industrial, cogeneration and municipal solid waste applications. Real-life case studies aid the.

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Calculate Lee for the first case: Scheme for collecting landfill gas for engines. A double louvered damper with seal air fan prevents hot gases from going to the fan when it is not in operation and the gas turbine is running.

Larger size is preferred if the gas stream has particulates. Wet steam ensures that solids in the water, which may be of poor quality, are not deposited inside the tubes but dissolved and carried along with the wet steam.

Finally the char is introduced tangentially or other wise into the secondary chamber, where additional excess air and auxiliary fuel such as natural gas or oil are introduced. One saves a lot of time by not deksbook heat-transfer coefficients and gas properties. If boielr air fans are not used, there is likely to be leakage from the gas side to the atmosphere, resulting in loss of energy; this could be 0.

If a superheater is used, it is preferable to bury it within the convection section when the firing temperature is very high.

Waste heat boiler deskbook

The firing temperature is higher but if the design can handle it without a major change, lower fresh air flow is preferred. Emission-Data Conversions Monitoring combustion emission products-NO x and CO in particular-is increasingly important, due to tightening regulations. Compressed air or heat transfer fluids such as therminol, glycol may be heated by the exhaust gases.


This procedure is lengthy. Model analysis is important and could help prevent serious maldistribution problems particularly in units with burners and superheaters. Figure shows inline and staggered configurations. How to avoid high and low temperature corrosion problems? Designs that help minimize steaming concerns are discussed later.

Water Tube Boilers Wwaste variables that influence the non-luminous heat transfer coefficient are: A two-gas pass HRSG installation.

Extended surfaces are not justified when the heat transfer coefficient of the fluid inside and outside the tubes are nearly equal as in tubular air-heaters; Appendix A discusses this in depth; since extended surfaces are used for both gas and air streams, the size and hence weight of the unit is reduced. Arrangement of multiple boilers behind modular incinerators. In some plants the steam drum is made common to the flue gas and reformed gas boilers through a system of downcomers and risers.

Several engineers and purchase managers still purchase HRSGs for critical applications based on surface area and are of the view that more the surface area the better and a design with a lower surface area would not perform.

Since a pump is used to achieve circulation, one can size it to obtain any circulation ratio. The final enthalpy is obtained and, through an iterative process, the corresponding temperature is found.

Appendix B cites the causes of low temperature corrosion and suggests methods of minimizing the problems. Exhaust gases from gas turbines are usually clean as they burn premium fuels with high excess air.

The ash is considered by some to be toxic and concerns on how wase is being disposed of playa role in the location of the incineration facilities. Design of refractory is critical at the front end. A burner as shown in Figure may be added to accomplish this. Fin height ranges from.


Waste Heat Boiler Deskbook – V. Ganapathy – Google Books

The casing is internally insulated with 4 to 5 inches of mineral fiber or boilrr and is protected from the hot gas stream by a stainless steel or corten or carbon steel liner, which is designed to move or expand in the plane of the casing. Kimberly Roy, “Medical waste incineration,” Hazmat world, Junep 17 Determine the system efficiency, when 40, pph at psig is generated, feed water temperature is same as before. Assume deskbool exit gas temperature; calculate the assumed duty 2.

The expression for U may be written as: Let us assume that the size 2 x 1. The basic equation for obtaining hi for single phase fluids is that of Dittus-Boelter, see reference 1.

Waste Heat Boiler Deskbook 30 Figure c. Waste Heat Boilers 71 Figure b. Ganapathy, “Evaluating waste heat recovery projects,” Hydrocarbon processing, Aug 6. All these design features waxte in low superheater tube metal temperatures.

Depending on the thickness of eeskbook used, the shell diameter could be arrived at. Cleaning aisles and soot blowers are provided. Since the heat transfer is between the liquid having a high heat transfer coefficient due to phase change and a gas stream, extended surfaces may be used.

The gas enters at the bottom, moves through the radiant section and makes a turn to enter the convection bank. The composition of the stream must be known to determine if it needs auxiliary fuel support or excessive air. Substituting in Equation we have: